There are less extreme Christians who don’t insist that only totally committed Christians can be their friends and not all force their religion onto you. This article deals with those who still insist on sharing the Christian message with you even when you don’t want to hear it.

  1. This type of persistent proselytiser sometimes cares as little about you as those who preach at you when they've never met you before.
  2. Other times this type of persistent proselytiser cares about you as a person and wants to be your friend. You may be less keen to stay friends with them.

Sometime Christian proselytisers share religion with people who don’t want to be preached at. If the listener gets upset or angry they often blame the victim for supposedly being over sensitive. “Why are you angry at God?” is a common question. If you become less friendly to the person after religion was forced onto you they feel you are persecuting them for their Christianity.

Sometimes you can deal with situations like that by saying quietly something like, “Please don’t preach at me.” If that doesn’t stop the preaching and you must keep meeting that person, at a college, at your work place, you can ask someone higher up the chain of command to get the preaching stopped. In the worst cases you may have to put up with the preaching or leave. We're living in very hard economic times if you have to leave please find an alternative place to work or study before you leave.


In Christian countries, even in secular countries with a Christian tradition, people are often biased.

  1. If a Christian forces Non-Christians to listen to Christian music, listen to a Christian message etc and the listener complains, other Christians often blame the listener. Sometimes even impartial bystanders assume the person who doesn’t like the religious stuff is over-sensitive.
  2. If an atheist were to force Christians to listen to atheist music, listen to passages from The God Delusion or similar material, impartial bystanders would be quick to blame the atheist. Atheists rarely or never do this.
  3. If a Muslim were to force Christians to listen Islamic material again impartial bystanders would be quick to blame the Muslim.

If you don't like whatever they force onto you don't assume it's your fault.

There is a good and a a bad side to Christianity, see the category page

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