Polytheism is belief in many gods/goddesses. It's similar to Paganism. Some or all Jews and Moslems think that Christianity is polytheistic because Christians worship the three parts of the Holy Trinity, see Monotheism and Christianity.

Polytheism looks at first glance at least as reasonable as Monotheism. Still, polytheists need to explain how many gods came to agree on the same set of physical laws. [1]

The prevalence of monotheism is a historical accident which happened because of the importance of the three Abrahamic religions. The Japanese Shinto religion is polytheistic and Japan is an advanced country.

There is no evidence for any religion but Polytheism may make slightly more sense than Monotheism. The chaotic state of the world is consistent with many gods perhaps also goddesses who have different aims. The chaotic state of the world is also consistent with no god. Occam's Razor may favour no god.


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