Practice What You Preach (Way of the Master) is the title of the fifth episode from season one of Way of the Master.

Condemning plagiarism while doing it himself is just one shining example of Ray Comfort not getting round to practise what he preaches.

The program isn’t about practising what you preach, it’s about putting into practise what people have learnt in previous videos. As of now the summary of this episode is very much more concise than some of the other summaries.


It starts with a lot of mostly “unsaved” people saying that they believe consciousness ends with death, they believe we go to heaven and the like, one woman says she doesn’t worry about what happens after she dies. A wide range of views are shown but most are clearly not terrified of hell the way the Comfort team like people to be.

Kirk Cameron tells the audience this is where they will learn how to put into practise what they studied in previous videos.

Comfort takes over and says this is about a step process,

  1. Relate – Get onto friendly terms with the mark potential convert.
  2. Create – Create an opportunity.
  3. Convict – Guilt trip the target by showing that he/she has “broken god’s law”, usually with WOTM this means the Ten Commandments.
  4. Reveal – Tell the target what WOTM believes is the way out of from the consequence of sin.

Ray Comfort has as usual given us no reason why what he calls God’s law should count for more than the teachings of other religions, the 5 Pillars of Islam or the 8-fold path of Buddhism for example. Why shouldn’t we study how the ancient Greeks and Romans tried to please their gods and goddesses just in case those divinities really exist?

Ray Comfort has as usual given us no reason why we should prefer the bible to other Bronze Age or Iron Age mythology. Hardly anyone takes Sumerian mythology, Egyptian mythology, Greco-Roman mythology, Nordic mythology seriously today. Those who wrote the bible were as primitive as the authors of other mythologies and the bible is as unreasonable as other mythologies.

Ray refers to John Chapter 4 as an illustration of preaching the way he claims Jesus did.


A number of committed Christians are interviewed, all try to build relationships and use relationships in different ways to bring people to god and Jesus but none guilt trips people as WOTM recommends.

Ray says one should not spend, "too long" building relationships because the person could die before an evangelist gets round to saving them. Ray says he always has gospel tracts with him so he can use tracts to turn the conversation to evangelism.

Many Christian fundamentalists who believe they are, “saved” also form their own cult-like communitiies and where possible limit contact with the “unsaved” to preaching and trying to “save” them. Not spending too long building a relationship may be about avoiding becoming friends with an “unsaved” person.

It’s likely that a high proportion of the time Ray and his followers carry tracts from Living Waters Publications, that means every time a person is “saved” using those tracts that person is likely recruited into the profitable Comfort business empire brought to follow Jesus within the godly system of Ray Comfort.

Back to the lecture[]

Kirk drives a car and tells us that so many of the people they’re passing aren’t saved. Unless Christians reach out to them they’re going to spend eternity in hell. Kirk says we have a tremendous duty to try and save people.

Frail humans like Kirk have to try and save people while god who is supposedly omnipotent, omniscient and omnibenevolent somehow doesn’t get round it that? Where we spend eternity can depend on whether an evangelist gets to us or not. Is that divine justice?

Ray takes over and says that during 30 years that he has been a Christian nobody has witnessed to him and blames Christians for that.

This is as surprising as many other things that Ray and Kirk say. Having religious tracts thrust into ones hands is not a very rare experience in the UK. Hearing street orators lecture with or without microphones about the need for salvation is not especially rare in the UK either. Sometimes evangelists are regularly at specific places at specific times. Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons knock on every UK resident’s door from time to time. And the USA is considered more religious than the UK. Does Ray think all these different evangelists aren’t Christians? Perhaps religious weirdoes aren’t Christians to Ray. Does Ray have the type of body language that makes the evangelists hand tracts to someone else? Is there just the smallest chance Ray might have made that up?

Kirk takes over again and warns Christians not to make themselves look like religious weirdoes, claims one to one is a good way to witness. Don’t make it look as if we’re trying to conquer them or overturn their current belief system, reach out to them with compassion.

Frequently Ray and Kirk are trying to overturn people’s current belief system, it just shouldn’t look that way.

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