Prediction is working out what a person feels is likely to happen.

Everyday prediction[]

We all try and use our skill and judgement to work out what we feel is likely to happen. Example:-

  1. Jimbo Wales developed Wikipedia into something very large and impressive although it is controversial. Jimbo Wales is involved in Wikia. Therefore it is reasonable to predict that Wikia could well become large. Wikia may well become controversial as well.
  2. To the extent the above prediction made in 2008 [1] becomes true it helps demonstrate the power of human reason.
  3. To the extent the above prediction turns out false it helps demonstrate the fallibility of human reason.

Scientific prediction[]

In science prediction is part of testing a hypothesis. Scientists work out what will happen if the given hypothesis is correct. Scientists try and work out how an experiment will turn out if the hypothesis is right. Scientists try and work out what types of observations they can expect if the hypothesis is right. If there is experimental or observational confirmation the hypothesis is strengthened. If the hypothesis is incompatible with experimental or observational evidence scientists will modify the hypothesis or discard it.

Pseudoscience and prediction[]

Clairvoyance or Precognition is what happens when practitioners try and convince gullible people that they have special supernatural power. People who claim supernatural power to predict the future sometimes call themselves Prophets.

  1. New Age-ism Attempted prediction can involve, Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Chrystal balls and many other systems of supposed divination frequently with impressive rituals to impress those targeted by a scam.
  2. Christianity Attempted prediction can involve interpreting Bible prophecies as some religious leader wants. Alternatives include opening a Bible at random and using the random page as the supposed answer to a question.


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