Atheists are too simplistic, they refuse to use complex, unintelligible language to promote their ideas.

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Christians worry about books like The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. Christians worry even more when very many people read those books and afterwards decide religion doesn't make sense. The real problem Christians have is that new atheists like Dawkins, Myers, Coyne understand philosophy the way ordinary intelligent people understand it and show readers that Atheism makes sense. Naturally Christians would prefer if atheists used esoteric philosophy that only advanced undergraduates, graduates and post graduates understand, fewer people would read their books.


Anyway Christians and their supporters complain that new atheists like Dawkins don’t pay attention to sophisticated believers. [1] A.C. Grayling had a neat reply to this, Grayling pointed out those who refuse to believe the superstitions round astrology don’t bother with detailed astrology.

(...) if one concludes on the basis of rational investigation that one’s character and fate are not determined by the arrangement of the planets, stars and galaxies that can be seen from Earth, then one does not waste time comparing [different astrological systems]. [1]

Richard Dawkins and other new atheists gave plenty of reasons why religion doesn't make sense to them. Did the believers try and counter those arguments? Could believers find reasons why they thought religion should make sense? Well the believers preferred Ad hominem attacks about what they'd read.

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