Reincarnation or rebirth is yet another religious belief about what happens after death associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and other religions.

The basic idea is that instead of simply dying, or going to an afterlife, the souls or essence of Human beings, perhaps also animals, sometimes even plants, are reborn here on Earth or in some other realm. Those who believe in reincarnation believe that we don't just live one life and die once, we may die and be reborn numerous times.

Belief in reincarnation may be compatible with belief in heaven and/or hell. Heaven and hell may be places of rebirth where our souls or egos live till their next death and rebirth, Buddhism teaches this. Alternatively heaven may be a permanent reward for a very good life while lesser individuals experience reincarnation, Sikhism teaches this.

Some Christians believe in reincarnation and believe this is compatible with Christianity, others maintain that belief in reincarnation is incompatible with Christianity.

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