Resurrection can refer to different ideas, it seems the concept isn't unique to Christianity. [1][2]

Resurrection in Christianity[]

Resurrection of Jesus[]

Jesus supposedly rose from the dead. The bible says Jesus became alive again after he died and appeared to countless people. Then somehow for some unexplained reason Jesus stopped appearing to people. Why???

The most likely explanation is that Jesus never rose from the dead and never appeared to anyone, and never existed in the first place. Of course some people did and do have hallucinations and think they see Jesus. [3]

As well as the above are problems and contradictions between the four Gospel accounts, for example:

  1. How was Jesus buried and who buried him? Where was the tomb where Jesus supposedly rose from the dead? [4]
  2. How many women went to the tomb? Different Gospels disagree about who went there.
  3. Was the stone rolled away before the women arrived or did an angel roll it away while the women watched? Both ideas look implausible but having different gospels give different stories just shows it didn't happen.

All this is hard for Biblical literalists to explain. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]


Of course, there is no evidence of an empty tomb outside the gospels (even Paul doesn’t reference one, and his writings are older).

Resurrection of Saints[]

Matthew 27:52 has Saints rising from the dead and Appearing to many. There is no other mention of this remarkable event anywhere.

General resurrection[]

Christians have faith imagine that the whole of mankind will rise from the dead at the Last Judgement. There's no more reason to believe that than there is to believe the rest of Christian mythology.

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