The Mass is the Roman Catholic name for their main religious worship service.

Eating Jesus[]

Are you bored with the ordinary food that you can get off your supermarket shelf? Why not go down to your local Roman Catholic Church? There you can eat Jesus every Sunday and on weekdays too if you really feel like it, Jesus is baked in a special cookie and we want you to enjoy it. During the Mass, the priest is understood to be literally converting wine and unleavened bread into the actual flesh and blood of Jesus. This delightful dish is then consumed, and the person "receives" Christ in their soul, see transubstantiation. Faithful Catholics are supposed to have confessed their sins to a priest beforehand so they are fit to partake of the Mass, a ritual that requires them to be clean and pure. Of course, they should also be confessing any time they have committed a mortal sin, and all this regular confession helps keep them psychologically dependent on the priests, so the priests have a subservient congregation.

Jack Chick[]

Jack Chick naturally thinks the Roman Catholic mass is the work of the devil and has a horror comic to prove just that. [1]

Black magic ritual[]

Priests create the blood and body of Jesus impurely through a damnable black magic ritual, they are cloning Jesus though they are not worthy to clone him. And Opus Dei who are very devilish are in with the pope and the Jesuits are fighting Opus Dei and it is all very mysterious. No! We're not making it up, there are some Anti-Catholics furiously trying to tell us about that conspiracy. [2] [3]

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