Science has made so much possible that we take for granted in the modern world. We think nothing of it when we switch on an electric light, but before the scientific age there was nothing better than candles and oil lamps. More recently science and engineering have brought us wonderful things that wouldn't have been thought possible less than a century ago, below are examples:-

  1. Men have walked on the moon.
  2. Human beings have been regularly in earth orbit.
  3. Countless diseases that used to kill or wreck lives can today be prevented or cured.
  4. Every time you switch on your computer and access the internet you see some the benefit of modern science.

Science is the study of the physical world using the Scientific method.

Fundamentalism and science compared[]

Christian Fundamentalism together with other types of religious fundamentalists frequently find science and scientists threatening. After all the scientists keep turning up evidence that goes against their fundamentalist beliefs. The fundamentalists are potentially at a disadvantage as the scientific method is the best method known to find out the truth.

Therefore fundamentalists tend to rely on lies, distortions and emotional arguments.

  • The claims these evil scientists make are against our most sacred texts that we know must be true.
  • As a true believer you must not read the works of the evil scientists as this will disturb your faith.
  • Read only the morally sound works of good believers.

The faithful do not know the how strong the case of the scientists is and spend time learning alleged sacred texts instead of scientific work. Then it becomes easy to deceive the faithful with distortions and half truths.