Shoehorning means pretending the facts fit your personal agenda when they don't. For example:

  1. A wide range of disasters can be shoehorned as divine punishment for something that has been done which is considered Sinful.
  2. A wide range of good things that happen can be shoehorned as divine reward for something that has is considered virtuous according to Christian morality.

Good and bad things are always happening. Some people are always acting the way scripture approves while other people are acting against scripture. The same people are sometimes acting against scripture and at other times acting according to scripture. Therefore everything, good or bad can be is shoehorned as a reward or punishment in some way. "Seriously. Isn’t it nice how God has arranged that there is pain and suffering in every part of the world, just so His preachers have something to point to and say “Sinners!”?" (PZ Myers)

Shoehorning often involves Cherry picking facts that can be shaped to fit ones agenda while ignoring those that don't fit however they're shaped. [1] [2] [3]