State atheism is a ideology similar to what is found in theocracies. In this spectrum, Atheism is the official "religion" of a country. Invented in 1917 by Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, State Atheism has become a popular choice throughout the 20th century within Communist nations. Today, the only State Atheist countries are China, Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea. Czech Republic is also Atheistic, but Atheism is not the state's "religion". 

Contrary to popular belief, not all communist nations were atheist. Cuba for example is mostly Christian, despite the communist government holding power. A few other communist countries however banned religion, and executed anyone who would practice it. Albania is a prime example, as in 1967, the nation banned all religious practices making the nation 100% atheist until the year 1992 when communism collapsed. In the Soviet Union (USSR) many clergy and some ordinary believers were shot or sent to labour camps. Ordinary Soviet people who practised religion were typically not imprisoned or killed but faced discrimination. [1]

North Korea's religion is officially atheism, however a government religion known as Juche religion is a popular atheistic-agnostic belief where people worship the Kim family as gods in order to not be killed.

Staate atheism and this website[]

Atheism of the type this website promotes is totally opposed to imposed atheism.

  1. We argue.
  2. We point out why religion is irrational.
  3. We point out harmful effects or religion.

When people choose to worship or to follow a religion despite the arguments against theism we accept their freedom to make this choice.

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