Stephanie Zvan runs the blog Almost Diamonds at The Orbit. She's a prominent atheist who does radio work and podcasts in addition to her writing. She writes about politics, economics, fiction and sex, also she works to promote science and skepticism.

Stephanie Zvan is concerned about Roman Catholic child abuse at Saint Paul, Minnesota and notes that many respected men high up in the Church hierarchy are covering up for priests suspected of child abuse and refusing to release the names of priests the Church found guilty of child abuse. [1]

Stephanie Zvan has a problem with Justin Vacula, she feels Vacula harasses others, uses his position to promote a personal agenda, published personal information that could harm another person and did other things unfitting for a leader. JT Eberhard also feels Vacula shouldn't be a leader. [2] [3]

Stephanie Zvan has a problem with very many Misogynists in the atheist movement. She feels many women of high caliber who take up paid work in atheism are being driven out of the movement through harassment. Naturally this damages the atheist movement. [4]


Adapted from Pharyngula Wiki