Stephen Jay Gould who died in 2002 was an evolutionary biologist and also a philosopher. When Gould dealt with evolution he was sensible and brilliant but at other times Gould got spiritual.

Gould was the dude behind NOMA, perhaps he was trying to compromise with religious people. NOMA lets the religious people control areas like ethics but aims to keep religion out of evolution, geology and palaeontology. Why this distinction? Was there no better reason than that Goulde was an evolutionary biologist and cared about his field? It's impossible to ask the dead Goulde what he was about. [1]

While many science-friendly NOMA advocates happily attack creationism, they then hold the NOMA shield up to defend other (their own) religious beliefs - a position which could seem a little intellectually dishonest.

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  1. Since Goulde is dead we cannot know if he could have defended himself against the accusation above. Further Goulde died before the harm caused by religious opposition to, for example Stem cell research and some types of vaccines became clear, see Christianity and the 6th Commandment. We do not know if Goulde would have changed his views if he had known.