Because the 29th of February is an anomaly superstitions have developed round it, most suggest that the day is a lucky day and according to one website anything that is begun of leap day will certainly succeed. Certainly? Now that is a bit strong. [1] By contrast in Scotland some people think it unlucky to marry on leap day [2] and in Greece some couples will not plan a marriage for that day. [3] Further the couple will not celebrate their wedding anniversary on the correct day more often than every four years, since 25 and 50 do not divide by four the couple cannot celebrate their important silver wedding or gold wedding on the correct day. [4] [5] It should surprise no one that superstitions developed in different areas sometimes contradict each other.


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  5. Other factors can of course affect the success of a marriage, for example if one or both parties to a heterosexual wedding are marrying because of pressure from family, from reparative therapists and would much rather marry someone of their own sex that marriage is in trouble from the start.,

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