Terry Eagleton argues vaguely for a vague type of Christianity, he's even vague about whether or not he is a Christian. Eagleton is also an admirer of Karl Marx. [1] It's not quite clear how Eagleton reconciles his vague support of Christianity with the traditional Marxist view that religion is the Opium of the people. Despite this there is a school of thought that reconciles part of Marxism with Christianity, it's known as Liberation theology. [2] It seems Eagleton has some contact with liberation theology or with similar schools of thought. [3]

Social democrats[]

Eagleton has a low opinion of what he calls a, "petty-bourgeois social democrat subjectivist empiricist". [4] In another context Eagleton attacks, "well-intentioned reformers or social democrats, which from a Christian standpoint simply isn’t radical enough." [5] Eagleton regrets, "how social democracy might buy off revolutionary passion." [6] In other words every economic system which has been found to work in practise isn't radical enough for Jesus Terry Eagleton. [7]


During the 20th Century there were any number of attempts to establish Marxist economies and all became devastatingly inefficient. Marxist economics can only be imposed in dictatorships where the people can't vote against the Marxism that's forced onto them. Empirical evidence suggests the most likely result of yet another Marxist experiment would be yet another Marxist dictatorship.


Christianity and Marxism are both Faith based systems, both defy logical and empirical investigation. Perhaps a few Marxists are tempted to look to religion and try to attract those who follow faith rather than empiricism.

There is a good and a a bad side to Christianity, see the category page


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