TheAmazingAtheist is a man who posts on YouTube. As well as being a Youtube Vlogger, he's also a comedian, gathering a wide range of audience dedicated to his comedy rather than his beliefs, but often heavily depends on his agenda in his jokes. Many of his comedy videos are responses to other youtubers, politicians, feminists and religious icons where he basically pokes fun at their standpoints and tries to make a fool out of them, which he many times succeeds in doing.

The Amazing Atheist has gathered a large fanatical fanbase, which follows him many times blindly (Note: those who accept the Scientific method shouldn’t follow anyone blindly.) TAA has a just as large group of haters who despise him. Sadly he has shown total lack of compassion or sensitivity towards rape victims. Predictably this made feminists view him as the Devil incarnate and decent Atheist men are embarrassed over him.

We always say there are good and bad among atheists as there are good and bad among all different types of people. PZ Myers suggests we should stop viewing him. In any case there are many other entertaining atheists on YouTube who aren't disturbed the way TAA appears to be.

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