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The Way of the Master is an evangelical ministry created by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron to train Christians in the art of apologetics and open air evangelism. This ministry, in cooperation with Comfort's Living Waters Publications, produces a number of training courses, radio and television programs.

Basically the series teaches that people must practise Christianity exactly as Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron tell them and must interpret the Bible exactly as Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron tell them or face eternal damnation.


The television portion of this ministry airs on 15 Christian networks and has received numerous awards from Christian organizations. While popular among evangelicals, the real "break out" moment for the series was the banana argument from Season 1, Episode 7. A number of internet humor sites carried the clip of Ray declaring that the banana was "the atheist's nightmare", as he considers it an obvious testament to Intelligent Design.


The Way of the Master logo contains the letters WDJD. The letters stand for "What Did Jesus Do". They also serve as a reminder to the four questions:

  1. "Would you consider yourself to be a good person?"
  2. "Do you think you have kept the 10 Commandments?" followed by asking specifically if the person has broken the commandments, with questions like "Have you ever told a lie?"
  3. Judgment: "If God judges you by the 10 Commandments on the Day of Judgment, will you be innocent or guilty?"
  4. Destiny: "Would you go to heaven or hell?"

Mark 16:15 is a reference to the Bible which reads:

He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." Well somehow being judged and in danger of hell is good news.

Street interviews[]

Street interviews are a regular feature of the series online though it is unclear to Atheism Wiki what criteria the Comfort team use to decide which videos to broadcast or whether those shown on the videos consent to the broadcast.

Christian approach[]

Even some Christians disagree with Comfort's system of telling ordinary people including decent people that they have violated the Ten Commandments. Then Comfort makes decent people feel guilty and makes decent people fear that they are in danger of Hell. [1]

Arguments used in the series[]

See summary of videos in this series[]

The Way of the Master
Season One Episodes:

1. The Firefighter   2. The Mirror of the Ten Commandments   3. The Motive of the Sinner   4. The Summary of Salvation   5. Practice What You Preach   6. Idolatry—The Darling Sin of Humanity   7. The Beauty of a Broken Spirit—Atheism   8. WDJD?   9. Blasphemy, Sabbath, Parents   10. Murder   11. Adultery   12. Theft   13. Lie and Covet

Season Two Episodes:

1. God's Wonderful Plan   2. Conscience   3. Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol   4. True and False Conversion   5. When Things Go Wrong   6. The Satanic Influence   7. How to Witness to Someone Who's Homosexual/Gay   8. Evolution   9. How to Witness to a Loved One   10. The Fear of God   11. Ice Breakers—Gospel Tracts   12. The Greatest Gamble  13. How to Get on Fire for God

Season Three Episodes:

1. Battle for the Lost   2. Where Has the Passion Gone?   3. Joe Average   4. Caught in a Lie   5. The Divine Butler   6. Why Christianity?   7. Jehovah's Witness   8. Mormonism   9. Are You A Genius?   10. Last Words of the Rich and Famous   11. How to Find God's Will   12. What Scares You   13. Hollywood Be Thy Name

Ray Comfort — Kirk Cameron


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