The fear of God is the title of the tenth episode from season two of Way of the Master.

Unrepentant deceit[]

Despite the title this does not deal with the fear of God. Ice Breakers—Gospel Tracts (Way of the Master) deals with the fear of God. This video says a great deal about gospel tracts but as far as this author has been able to find out does not mention the fear of God once. Giving a misleading title is deceitful in the same way as lying is deceitful. It does not appear that Ray Comfort has repented for this deceit since the misleading titles have not been altered.

Episode walkthrough[]

The episode first takes place in Grand Central Station, New York.


(00:43 - 1:18)

  • Ray Comfort shares that they are in Grand Central Station, where thousands of people every day flow through going on with their daily lives. Kirk takes over and is worried that many of these people are not familiar with the Savior or where they may spend eternity. Kirk asks if there is a way to address these people and stir their curiosity and bring them to the gospel. Kirk answers yes.

Can you bring them to the gospel without lying and being willfully deceptive? We'll see.

(1:49 - 3:40)

  • Ray asks how you can bring the gospel to the people. Ray answers that one way is through gospel tracts. Kirk stops the presses and says, you mean those little pieces of paper that people tend to ignore or dislike? Kirk comes up with a better solution: handing them a fake million dollar bill that has an evangelical note on the back.

The note on the back of the dollar repeats Comfort and Cameron's old tactic are you a good person?

(3:41 - 5:18)

Shows scenes of people handing out these dollar bills.

(5:19 - 5:52)

  • Ray says the apostle Paul said "By all means, save some." Ray says they did not have the printing press, but we do now and Christians should take advantage of the printed page. Ray retells a story of his son-in-law in a doctor's waiting room giving a gospel tract to a lady, who later followed him out and asked "why did you give this to me?" Ray's son-in-law said "because I am a Christian and I care about you." The stranger said "it is weird. My mother died last night and I think God is speaking to me through this." Afterwards, he was able to share the gospel with her.

"By all means" I think the people during the Inquisition and the Puritans persecuting the Native Americans considered this phrase by Paul too. Of course Ray takes advantage of the printing press, he has published about 60 books and over half of them repeat the same exact failed arguments. As for the lady, Ray's son-in-law was preying on her grieving mind. It is very likely the same trick would have worked if a Scientologist presented a copy of Dianetics.

(5:55 - 6:46)

  • Ray presents an envelope that says money is inside. A person may be skeptical, but if you open it there is a one dollar bill in a slot and a note on the envelope. It says "Why give away money? There are four reasons.

1) The first is is a small token of apology because the fact that so many Christians have asked for money in the name of Christianity. Christians should be giving to the community, not taking from it.

2) The second is to ask you a question: Do you consider yourself to be a good person? Let's look at the Ten Commandments and see if you are. Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever stolen anything? (The value of the item is irrelevant.) Have you ever used God's Name in vain? Jesus said, "Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart." Have you ever looked with lust? Will you be guilty or innocent on the Day of Judgment? Will you go to Heaven or Hell?

If you are guilty of breaking those four, God sees you as a "lying, thieving, blasphemous adulterer at heart," and the Bible makes it clear that you will end up in Hell. But there is good news. Even though we broke God's Law (the Ten Commandments), He became a man to pay the fine. Jesus suffered and died on the cross (taking our punishment upon Himself), then He rose from the dead: "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." God doesn't want you to go to Hell. He can forgive you and grant you the gift of everlasting life, so confess your sins to Him right now, put your trust in Jesus, and you will pass from death to life.

Basically, the deceptive are you a good person? tactic.

3) The third reason for giving you the money is to show you that you have faith. Perhaps you are saying, "How can I know if the gospel is true?" Maybe you felt the same about this gift, but you had enough faith to open it and see if money was inside. Do the same with the gospel. This gift was mere money. God's gift is everlasting life -- so what are you waiting for? You may not have tomorrow . . .

There are different forms of faith, they are all blind, but Ray's faith is dogmatic faith. The gift the Bible contains is false hope written thousands of years ago by superstitious men who often hallucinated, thought their dreams were communications with god, and thought dragons, unicorns, and talking animals existed.

4) The fourth reason: The information you are now reading was hidden from you by the money. The Bible says the things of God are hidden from you because of your sin. Allow God to wash away your sins and your eyes will suddenly be opened to a whole new realm.

Pray something like this: "Dear God, today I turn away from all of my sins (name them). I put my trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Please forgive me, change my heart, and grant me your gift of everlasting life. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen." Then read your Bible daily, and obey what you read (see John 14:21). Go now to and click on "Save Yourself Some Pain." There you will find important principles that will help you grow in your faith.

Only giving back one dollar? It may seem like an insult to those from whom Christianity has taken much. Some have been scammed of hundreds to thousands of dollars because of faith in Christianity. If Christians should be giving to the community, why do they take away from it things such as certain rights, jobs, etc. Finally, the reason why God cannot be detected is because he does not exist.

(6:48 - 7:25)

  • Kirk asks if you like optical illusions or sleight of hand? Kirk then presents two pieces of paper of the same shape. Switching them presents an illusion that they change in size. People like these and ask for some. Kirk shows on the back there is a gospel message.

CARD ONE: Hold both cards curving toward the right. Which is bigger, the pink or the blue? Both are the same size. Our eyes are often fooled by optical illusions. Speaking of eyes -- imagine you were offered $1 million for one of your eyes for a transplant. It could be taken out painlessly, and you'd be given a new glass eye that will look as good as your other eye, but it just won't look as good. Would you sell an eye for $1 million? How about both for $20 million? No one in his right mind would. Your eyes are priceless, yet they are merely the windows of your soul. Jesus said that your eyes are worth nothing compared to the value of your soul: "If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye, rather than having two eyes, to be cast into hell fire" (Mark 9:47).

Wait a sec. "A new glass eye that will look as good as your other eye, but it just won't look as good. That was a self-contradiction. Would the new eye perform better than your normal eye? Will it give you night vision? This tract only mentions the only flaw this eye has is "looks." What if you are blind or damage your eye badly, you may consider a new eye for much less than $1,000. What does it mean "window for our souls"? There is no proof of a soul, and how can our eyes be "windows"? In that verse, Jesus just spelled out to sinners to pluck out their eyes. The whole verse include Jesus telling sinners to cut off your hand it if causes you to sin. Some early Christian fathers literally did just this and encouraged their followers to do the same. Jesus also encouraged eunuchs (Matthew 19:11). Early Church Father Tertullian promoted this, and even said Jesus lived as a eunuch. Castration of males, or to live a non-sexual life as a eunuch, is just as effective as abortion.

CARD TWO: He asked, "What will a man give in exchange for his soul?" (Matt. 16:26). There is nothing as important as your salvation. Judge yourself by the Ten Commandments: Have you lied (even once), stolen (the value is irrelevant), committed adultery (Jesus said, "Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart" -- Matt. 5:28), or killed (God considers hatred to be murder -- 1 John 3:15)? Have you loved God above all else? Be honest. You know you will be guilty on Judgment Day, and therefore end up in Hell. Today, repent (confess and turn from your sin) and trust in Jesus Christ. He died on the cross to take our punishment, and then He rose from the dead. He showed how much God loves us. Then read the Bible daily and obey what you read. God will never fail you.

This basically repeats the same old refuted are you a good person? tactic. The only time the Ten Commandments are actually called the Ten Commandments is in Exodus 34, but none of the Commandments say a thing about lying, thieving, adultery, or murder. This tract already assumes that the reader will always be imperfect and everybody has sinned. On their website Way of the Master, you can take this test, but even if you answer no to all questions, in the end it will still conclude you are a sinner simply for being born in sin. It is common in religions to set up a problem that no one can escape and then provide a solution. As for Jesus dying for you, there is no historical evidence for the existence of Jesus. So this entire tract is fallacious and promises you false hope.

Street Interview[]

(7:40 - 12:04)

  • Ray in public puts up a display to fool the eye. Ray asks people to read the messages, but most people do not read it carefully and do not notice that it repeats some words right after each other, words like "the" and "or." The fist interviewee, Adam, is asked to read and answer out loud several questions, such as "is there a God?" (Adam answers Yes), "is his standard the same as ours (he says yes), is there a hell (again he says yes), do you live a good life? (he answers no). Ray says he got one wrong, that God's moral standard is not the same as ours. Adam says that he does not read the Bible. Ray then asks the interviewee are you a good person?, and at the end he calls Adam a lying, blasphemous, adulterer at heart and Adam is likely to go to Hell. Adam says he is not worried, then Ray asks have you ever hated someone? The bible says he who hates has committed murderer in his heart. Adam asks Ray if he ever hated anybody, and Ray answers no. He then goes on to tell Adam that Jesus paid the price for his sins. Adam jumps in and says it is impossible to be perfect, such as if a gang beat you up, would you hate them. Ray answers no. When Adam asks Ray what is his definition of hatred, Ray does not answer and tells Adam he does not want him to go to hell. Adam still thinks he will go to Heaven.

Of course, Ray is hiding his hate with "Christian love" but hate is hate. Ray makes no secret of his grudge against atheists. Also, of course Ray would hate those who attack him, which is why he retaliates against the intellectuals who expose him as the deceitful scientific-illiterate charlatan he is. How can you expect an animal to love its attacker when the attacker is eating away at its limbs?

(12:05 - 12:22)

  • Ray says gospel tracts are excellent tools to spread the gospel, they are like door hinges that hold the door of conversation in place as it moves.

They also make a great waste of paper and trees.

(12:23 - 14:09)

  • Ray interviews a bunch of Christians on the street. He asks the first person if he reads gospel tracts, and the man answers yes. When asked why, he responds that they are easy ice-breakers. A second male interviewee asks if they are effective. A third male interview says they are great for on the move and for people who are too busy or in a hurry. Next he interviews two women. One says the gospel tracts are great for people to take with them if a conversation was started and left off about the gospel. Another male interviewee says they are good ice-breakers and people find them humorous and interesting. A fifth interviewee, male, says he is not a creative person and gospel tracts are excellent conversation starters and helps Christians overcome their fear of confronting people.

I wonder if the fourth interviewee has ever read Jack Chick tracts that say anyone not a Christian is a pagan and a devil worshiper. What part of this slander is humorous?

(14:10 - 15:07)

  • Ray says he is shy, but the gospel tracts help get conversations started. Jump back to more street interviews. Each interviewee admits they are shy, but the tracts and belief in God get them through.

Its easy to call yourself shy to bond with a consumer, getting them to buy your product. It seems Ray is only interested in money. Ray shows little shyness during debates or when he preaches aloud in front of a crowd in Southern California.

(15:08 - 15:34

  • Kirk compares a gospel tract to writing a letter with a message in that the words carry an important meaning. People can take the time to sit down and read these tracts when they are ready, just like letters. Ray urges the audience to give them away to other people and people they care about.

Why bother reading the tract if we have already heard it a thousand times?

Wake up call[]

(15:50 - 17:12)

  • Ray is in Rocket Fountain Center, surrounded by many people. He shows a preacher on a stand giving away money to a person who can answer his questions correctly. Ray says that if that seems too harsh, there is a simple, more gentle approach. He then shows a person talking to someone in their car and using the same old "are you a good person?" tactic. How about just handing someone a gospel tract? He then shows someone walking up to a stranger and giving them a gospel tract and then walking away. Ray says that if you cannot do that, then how about you just leave it in a place where someone will find it, such as the ground (obviously people will pick up something that looks like a dollar).

Was the last point showing Ray promoting littering?

(17:13 - 17:49)

  • Ray says that a gospel tract presents the argument without getting into an argument or getting cold feet. Kirk says the key is to use "good tracts" not tracts that show hellfire.

Yeah, you do not want to get into an argument with someone who can think critically. Of course - do not show the tracts that spell out what you are spewing: appeal to emotion and prey on the uneducated mind.

(17:50 - 18:20)

  • Kirk shares his favorite experience of street evangelism. He gathers a crowd and presents his papers with the optical illusion, putting the audience in awe. They take the tracts, shake Kirk's hand, and leave.

(18:21 - 18:47)

  • Ray reminds people to be courteous to other people. Afterward, Rays says -based on experience- to ask them "Did you get one of these?" Ray says there are two outcomes: curiosity and making people feel like they are missing out on something.

Trust me folks, you would prefer to have missed it.

(18:48 - 19:02)

  • Ray shows another night on the street. He asks the passing crowd if they got any of "these" but does not say what it is. People take them and are on their way.

(19:03 - 20:40)

  • Kirk asks if anyone has ever felt like passing out every time they pass out a tract. Kirk says it is normal. Next, he shares a poll that shows people's number-one fear is "public speaking." The second is death. Kirk says gospel tracts help, and the feeling that someone was saved after they die is an enormous satisfaction.
  • Ray asks if you like roller coasters? Ray says we love that adrenaline rush with scary moments, and the same should be considered with death without Christ. Ray asks people to look around for a bloody stone that was used to stone a Christian, or burned at the stake. Ray says we no longer do that in this country because we have such great liberty and Ray says we should take advantage of that liberty.

That liberty is not given by God, but by man. Nowhere in the Bible will you find the freedom of religion. Also, Christians were the ones doing such horrible acts to non-Christians, and they even do it today. As Ray mentioned, it happens no longer in this country, but look across the globe. Millions are suffering because of Christianity, including burning and stoning witches and children in Africa, or sodomizing children in India.

(20:41 - 22:05) Back to street interviews. They ask if they use gospel tracts. The lady says every day, and her favorite are the coins with the Ten Commandments on them.

Which Commandments? The ones in Exodus 20 or Exodus 34? More misleading by Christians.

The World's Greatest Preachers[]

(22:06 - 23:57)

  • Kirk says "as long as we have freedom of speech, we should take advantage of that to speak to people about eternal life." Kirk tells of George Whitefield, who was given a tract and realized he must be born again.

God showed me I must be born again or be damned.... Lord if I am not a Christian, or if I am not a real one, for Jesus Christ's sake show me what Christianity is, that I may not be damned at last!... From that moment ... did I know that I must become a new creature.

Remember, freedom of speech was given to us by men. While atheists may not agree with Kirk's message, they will fight for his right to speak freely. However, there is such a thing as "hate speech" which is punishable. At the core of Christian teaching, it preaches that people deserve to be tortured for all eternity, that women are not equals to men, that slavery is okay, witches should die, homosexuals are wicked, and such.

  • Ray tells about a student in Jacksonville, Florida who was given a gospel tract and threw it away in his dorm trash. His roommate found the tract, read it, and now he is a pastor.

No name or source? It is easy to make up stories to give your product more value to consumers.

  • Kirk then says they once received an email from someone who was in a Bible study group that a guy was raking litter from a river. The man pulled a tract from the water, took it home and read it and became saved that night.

Again, no name or source? We are not saying it did not happen, but we remain skeptical until actual proof is provided, as should everyone else.

(23:58 - 24:47)

Back to street interviews. Ray asks his previous Christian interviewee if they have seen anything "positive" happen while passing out gospel tracts. The man retells a personal story.

(24:48 - 25:27)

Kirk assures the audience that they do not have to use gospel tracts. If you are like Kirk and struggle with fear, gospel tracts make things much easier. Tracts are interesting and people find them funny, but if they are well written like the ones provided by Comfort and Cameron, they will make people read them and ask for more.

if you have read Jack Chick tracts, the only thing funny is the tracts' ridiculous stupidity.

Pennies from Heaven?[]

(25:28 - 27:07)

Ray shows that he threw these million dollar gospel tracts over the balcony at Grand Central Station and watched as people grabbed them. Ray then admires Grand Central Station and New York.


(27:08 - 27:46)

Kirk asks if the audience has used gospel tracts from Way of the Master, and urges them to get started. He tells them where to get them, and reminds people that time is running out.

(27:47 - 28:30)

Advertisements for Way of the Master and several products. End Credits.

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