Theists are people who believe in the existence of a supernatural deity. There are different definitions of theism.

Atheists think that all theism is irrational.

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Definition 1[]

Theism is then at its most basic the belief in at least one god. There are, however, many different types of theists. Monotheists and polytheists are well known, but there are a variety of others as well. There terms describe types of religious thought rather than specific religions. Here are some of the more commonly discussed ones.

This definition includes Pantheism, Panentheism, henotheism, Deism and others. [1]

Definition 2[]

  1. the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation (distinguished from deism ).
  2. belief in the existence of a god or gods (opposed to atheism ). [2]

The second version of this definition seems to match Definition 1 above.