Thomas Westbrook is an atheist blogger,[1] YouTuber,[2] and founder of Holy Koolaid LLC - an information resource site for atheists. He came out of the woodwork at a debate between David Smalley of the Dogma Debate Podcast and Pastor Matt Slick[3][4][5][6] by asking Slick the same question word for word that made the pastor's own daughter an atheist, and then creating a video response to Pastor Slick's reaction.[7]

Thomas went on to create a weekly show called Sapient Saturdays[8] in which he would take common questions about atheism, science, and philosophy (like "is the universe fine-tuned for life?"[9]) and break them down in a rational, research-oriented way.

Thomas was raised in a Muslim country by missionary parents[10] but became an atheist after college when he found that the Biblical account of creation didn't match up with the scientific data, saying:

"I’ve always tried to stay open-minded, because I would rather follow the truth than warp the evidence to fit my preconceived notions."[11]


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