Thor is the son of Odin in Nordic and Germanic mythology, Thor was recognised for being incredibly strong rather for brain power. Thor is noted among other things for using his hammer to cause thunder and that magic hammer always came back into Thor's hand after he threw it.

Thor, the Bible and science[]

Thor did cool stuff like throwing lightning across the sky when he was battling giants and trolls. That sounds fantastic doesn't it?

  1. Thunder and lightning is nothing to do with electricity. Forget scientific stuff about How Lightning Works [1]. It’s all to do with Thor battling giants and trolls. [2] [3]
  2. Rainbows are nothing to do with light diffraction either. Forget also what scientists say about How Rainbows Work [4]. Rainbows all to do with the covenant that God made after the Global flood. It says all that in the Bible Genesis 9:12-13 [5] and Christian fundamentalists believe the Bible must be true. [6]

Christians can probably see that thunder is nothing to do with to do with Thor. That's backward superstition according to Christians. Despite this if the Christians are Fundamentalists the chances are they can't see the biblical origin of rainbows is just as unreasonable.


There is no evidence for the existence of Thor or any similar God/gods.

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