The Bronze Age Tower of Babel was a serious threat to Jahweh.

Limited God[]

The early part of the Old Testament apparently was written when people believed in a far more limited God than what the Abrahamic religions teach now. In the story of Original sin God walks in the garden in the cool of the evening; before that he would be uncomfortably hot. He questions Adam and Eve to find out that they have eaten the fruit, which he did not know before.

The Tower of Babel[]

Similarly in the story of the Tower of Babel, God looks down and sees the tower. He does not know about it before he looks down.[1] He is afraid that they will build it high enough to reach the sky dome where he lives. If people succeeded in building a four-story building they would become like gods and nothing would stop them. Jahweh is not omniscient—apparently as he doesn't know that the people he made can't breathe at high altitudes. [2] Jahweh is not omnipotent—apparently as he needs to confound their languages to prevent them from threatening him. Jahweh scattered the people and confused their languages. Is god Omnibenevolent? The way god treats people shows he isn't. [3]

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