Unintelligent is a counter to intelligent design, which explains that humans have many flaws in their body as do other living organisms. Assuming that an intelligent designer made living things and incorporated all the aparent design flaws is not reasonable.

The whale[]

(...) leg bones (were) removed from a humpback whale captured off the coast of Britih Columbia in 1919, including femur, tibia, tarsus and metatarsal. The whale had two symmetrical hind legs, which were over four feet long and covered in normal blubber and skin. There's no doubt that this whale was a rare anomaly, and that its legs were a mutation, but why would a whale possess the genes for making hind legs in the first place? It seems that either whales evolved from four-legged land-dwelling animals, or that God was, let's say, a little sloppy when he magicked them out of thin air. [1]

The link above includes a photo of the leg bones in this unintelligently designed whale. Incidentally that's just one example.

The giraffe[]

The laryngeal nerve leaves the brain of the giraffe, it takes a detour right down the giraffe's neck, goes back up the neck and ends about 2 inches from where it started. God must have been having a bad day when he designed it. In humans also the laryngeal nerve takes an unecessary detour into the chest but the poor human design is less extreme than in the case of the giraffe.

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