I'm Proxima Centauri here and at a number of other Wikis. Here I'm Sysop and Bureaucrat but I’m answerable to Wikia. It's hard to create a wiki that pleases everybody.

  1. Atheism Wiki has some hard hitting articles for readers with a philosophical bent.
  2. There are also articles for users who want to relax with light reading including fun material that suits visitors from gaming wikis.
  3. There is further a great deal in between the two extremes that can help readers learn about atheism without being hard to understand.

I'm writing a cool story about Proxima Centauri.
The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun The above story is fiction but real aliens are possible.

I would welcome more material catering for young teenagers, for teenagers with religious doubts or adults who grew up in the type of cult that discourage education. In some fundamentalist sects little is encouraged beyond elementary education. Believers learn the Bible and their sect's interpretation of religion and little more. Despite this some people break free of their cult.