"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings."- [1]

Victor J Stenger was a particle physicist, professor at Colorado University and an Atheist. Stenger has written many books and other publications, online and offline criticising Religion. Stenger could see no evidence for God whatsoever, the Universe and life appear exactly as they would if God doesn't exist. He explained all this in his bestselling book, God: The Failed Hypothesis: How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist.

Abuse by those in power[]

"Astrology and the reading of sheep entrails are no longer used to decide on courses of events, such as going to war. Why can't we expect the same for the imagined dialogues with an ancient tribal sky god that at least one recent president has used to justify his actions? "- [2]

Stenger believed religion reinforces the position of those in power and using Fundamentalist Christianity as an excuse to go to war is just part of the problem. Fundamentalist Christianity discourages birth control which is necessary to prevent overpopulation. Rich corporate giants want to continue exploiting fossil fuel like oil because this is profitable for them so they fund vast campaigns to deny the Science behind Global warming. These corporate magnates use Theological arguments to prevent Christians seeing that Global warming is a real threat. One time they say that God would never allow life on Earth to end, another time they say the world will end soon anyway so climate change doesn't matter. Christians who have been taught to value Faith above Critical thinking too frequently don't see through all this.

Christian Fundamentalists know science contradicts the Bible and strive to "Christianize" science, alliances form between Global warming deniers and Evolution deniers pretending there is a controversy when in fact there is scientific consensus that Global warming and evolution are real.

"Religion, as it is currently practiced with its continued focus on closed thinking and ancient mythology, is not doing anything to support the goal of a better, safer world. (...) Relying on faith, religion has brought us inquisitions, holy wars, and intolerance. Religion doesn't work, but we still do it. [2]"- {{{2}}}


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