WDJD? is the title of the eighth episode from sseason one of The Way of the Master.

The bulk of the video is centered around making the following guidelines.

W - "WOULD you consider yourself to be a good person?" (Prov. 20:6)

D - "DO you think you've kept the Ten Commandments?" (James 2:10)

J - "JUDGMENT - if God JUDGES you by that standdard, will you be innocent or guilty?" (James 2:10) (Rom.2;12; 3:19)

D - "DESTINY - what's your DESTIY going to be... will you end up in heaven or hell?" (Rev. 21:8)

C - CROSS: Jesus suffered for ssinners, he died and rose from the dead. (1 John 4:10) (Rev. 1:5) (John 3:16)

R - REPENTANCE: Confess and forsake all sin (Matt. 9:13) (Mark 1:16; 2:17; 6:12) (2 Corin. 7:10) (Acts 17:30)


F - FAITH: Moree than belief, its trust in Jesus for salvation (John 3:15-18)

T - TRUTH: Point to the truth of the Bible and encourage them to get right with God today. (2 Cor. 6:2) (James 4:14)

The Way of the Master
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Season Two Episodes:

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Season Three Episodes:

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Ray Comfort — Kirk Cameron